Residential Fence Installation and Repair in Orlando


When it comes to picking a fence builder for your residence, we know how important trust is. Because of our exceptional customer service, craftsmanship, and affordable prices, Orlando Fence Builder is the leading fence company in the Orlando area. We work with the very best fencing installation and repair contractors in the area, and offer some of the best styles of fences available, so you can be sure you’re getting exactly the look you want for your house. All our contractors are licenses, bonded, and insured.

Ready to look at the different types of fences we have for your home? At Orlando Fence Builder, we have many options, ranging from neighborhood wood fences, to heavy-duty metal fences. If you’re just looking for repair options, we have that as well! Our highly experienced fencing contractors are the best in the area and can offer you a wide variety of materials, styles, fences and colors, so you can rest assured that you have exactly what you were looking for.

Types of Residential Fencing


Orlando-cedar-stained-fenceCedar fencing is one of the most common types of fencing used in residential projects. The wood can come in a variety of heights and styles, can be stained or painted, and makes for a wonderful backyard fence. The versatility of cedar is perfect for keeping kids and dogs in the yard, as you can adjust the height to what is best fitting for you. 4×4 cedar posts are used to anchor the fence, giving it wonderful durability, strength, and weather resistance.


vinyl-picket-fence-OrlandoVinyl fencing is another material that is very common for residential housing. Height can run anywhere from 4 to 8 ft. and can be a wide variety of colors. Fences like these are ideal for corrals, barn-style houses, and offer a very customizable build. In addition, these fences are often equipped with UV-light resistant coverings, making them more fade resistant than other fences often are. Panel or rail style are available.

Chain Link

Chain link fences are some of the most widely known fences. They are economically efficient, as well as customizable if needed. Height can be easily customized to fit your needs, and fences can be screened if you wish for more privacy, or wind protection. These fences are widely used on both commercial and residential properties due to their popularity.

Split Rail

Split rail is the perfect way to add moderate protection to your property while still keeping the beautiful rustic nature of the landscape around it. This type of fencing works very well for large properties and can be combined with a small wire fencing if needed to help keep children and pets within the yard.

Ornamental and Iron

We offer a large range of quality ornamental and iron fencing designs. These fences are very sturdy and are offered in standard black, as well as some other customizable colors. New modern iron fences need far less maintenance than older wrought-iron fencing.

Ranch Rail

Ranch rails are similar in look to split rail fences, but are more durable, and offer more customizability. They can also have wire added to them in order to make them easier to keep young children and pets in. As the fencing is often used on ranches to help keep large animals enclosed, it is very durable and weather resistant.


Those looking for an eco-friendly fencing solution will love composite fencing. EcoStone by SimTek Fence has a revolutionary design that is manufactured using polyethylene plastic and looks like real stone because of its patented design of “rotationally-molded” manufacturing. The fence is reinforced with galvanized steel giving it extra durability and security in every post. EcoStone is offered in many colors and offers several competitive perks including its graffiti-resistant covering, and its high rating as a sound barrier. In addition to all this, it comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, making it an all-around wonderful choice.


Concrete fencing is similar to composite fencing in look and is reinforced with the same steel and fibers for better endurance and durability. Concrete fencing is fire-resistant, and also makes an exceptional sound barrier for those looking.

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